HYMOVIS® has an excellent safety profile

HYMOVIS® is a non-crosslinked, bacterially fermented hydrogel with a unique molecular structure

No reports of serious adverse events, including pseudoseptic reactions, have been reported with HYMOVIS® in published clinical studies.4-7

In pivotal trial:

  • HYMOVIS® demonstrated a safety profile similar to that of phosphate-buffered saline4
  • The incidence of arthralgia, the most commonly reported adverse event, was similar to saline4
  • No HYMOVIS® patients discontinued use due to adverse events after 6 months4
  • Established safe with repeat use4

In multi-center, post-market clinical trial:

  • Only 4 adverse events related to the use of the device were reported in this study, all of which consisted of mild increases in post-injection pain (N=49)7
  • Established safe with repeat use7

In post-market clinical trial:

  • No significant difference in reported adverse events between treatment groups in this study5

In real-world clinical practice retrospective study:

  • There were no serious adverse events reported6